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Wines with PDO

Germany is home to 13 wine growing regions. All regions, including "Mittelrhein", have been classified protected designations of origin (PDO/AOC/gU) by the EU.


There are 13 wine growing regions in Germany, Mittelrhein being one of them. As the EU recognises our 13 regions as protected designations of origin (PDO/AOC/gU), all wines produced in Germany must be grown in one of the regions. In addition, all wines must undergo and pass a quality test. The quality level has to be indicated on the label.


In an effort to promote national wines, the German Wine Institute initiated the marketing campaign: "Wines from German regions: quality you can taste". Mittelrhein's individual claim (see photo below) is: "Breathtaking landscape meets pure passion. My kind of wine." The photo was taken in steep vineyards above Kaub. In the back you can see the two castles Gutenfels and Pfalzgrafenstein (in the middle of the river).


For more information on protected origins please visit the following website




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