Bopparder Hamm | © Henry Tornow


Gedeon's Corner is located near Boppard. The world-famous Bopparder Hamm is part of this site.


The vineyards of the "Bopparder Hamm" provide best conditions for great wines: facing South with a perfect slope, well protected in the East and West, the river acting as heat storage. With 75 hectares, the Bopparder Hamm is the largest vineyard site in the Middle Rhine valley. It is home to several first class single vineyard sites, including Ohlenberg, Feuerlay, Mandelstein, Fässerlay, Elfenlay, Weingrube, and Engelstein.


Wine towns, places to see and single vineyard sites:


Boppard: Roman castle, roman St. Severus church, Karmeliter church, former electorate castle (Kurfürstliche Burg) with its Thonet-Museum, Vierseenblick (4-Lakes-View), Jakobsberg


Spay: historic timber frame buildings, Peterskapelle (chapel) from Medieval times

Single vineyard site: Engelstein


Brey: remains of a Roman aqueduct

Single vineyard site: Hämmchen


Rhens: Rhine front, historic old town with timber frame buildings, old town hall

Historic site „Königsstuhl“ (king's throne): In 1273 the four princes from the Rhine area met at the place where their empires all met and elected a German king. The monument has been built in the 14th century (1376-1398).

Single vineyard sites: König Wenzel und Sonnenlay


Source: Stein & Wein