Steep vineyards near St. Goarshausen | © Henry Tornow

Mittelrhein Riesling Charta (Middle Rhine Riesling Charter)

The Middle Rhine is the lifeline of Riesling. Mittelrhein Riesling Charta (Middle Rhine Riesling Charter, MRC) members and partners guarantee high and consistent quality standards.


The Middle Rhine valley is a unique cultural landscape. A romantic valley with steep vineyards, partly classified as UNESCO world heritage. Our aim is to protect our cultural heritage in a sustainable way and to shape it culturally, socially and economically for future generations. All while putting individual interests behind in order to focus on a common strategy as a united Middle Rhine with a value added for all people and businesses from the Middle Rhine valley.



  1. We are stronger together
  2. Wine growing is our lifeblood
  3. We protect our cultural landscape
  4. We produce premium Riesling
  5. We protect and shape the romantic Rhine valley
  6. Middle Rhine is our heartbeat



Middle Rhine - Dedicated to Riesling


The MRC has decided on seven criteria that make for their true Riesling:

  1. Accomplished Riesling
  2. Interaction of the elements
  3. R(h)einer Wein (note: a pun - rein = pure, Rhein = Rhine; i.e. pure/Rhine wine)
  4. Exclusive growing area
  5. Domain-bottled
  6. Profile wines
  7. Protecting the world heritage



The three Charta Wines:

Handstreich (coup de main) - Felsenspiel (rock art) - Meisterstück (master piece)


You can find detailed information on the Middle Rhine Riesling Charter, its wines, members and events via this link  (in German only).


Steep vineyards near St. Goarshausen | © Henry Tornow
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The three Charta Wines | © MRC