Weinsberger Turm am Martinsschloss | © Stadt Lahnstein

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Weinsberger Turm

Schlossstraße 1, 56112 Lahnstein

The Weinsberger Tower!

The Weinsberg Tower is located at Schlossstraße 1. The 14th century building is part of the monument zone Schloss Martinsburg and the city fortifications on the Rhine front. The rectangular gothic southeast tower without a dome juts out of the line of the city wall. It is named after builder, Elector Konrad von Weinsberg, whose coat of arms  is attached to the peak nose of the tower. The elector was archbishop of Mainz from 1396. The tower has a dungeon on the first floor and an octagonal vaulted tower on the following floor. The round stair tower, which is built in front of the towerto the north, leads to the uppermost floor,which is cantilevered out on an arched frieze.

Today the knights guild has set up a club room in the Weinsberg tower. It regulary organizes historical camps in the park of the Martinsburg.

Weinsberger Turm am Martinsschloss | © Stadt Lahnstein
Weinsberger Turm  II | © Stadt Lahnstein
Weinsberger Turm | © Stadt Lahnstein

Weinsberger Turm

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56112 Lahnstein Schlossstraße 1
Weinsberger Turm
Schlossstraße 1
56112 Lahnstein

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