Fachwerkhaus "Eckfritz"

Obermarktstr. 11, 56338 Braubach

The narrow half-timbered house with quarry stone masonry (1597) at Obermarktstraße 11 is unique to Braubach. The striking corner residence "Eck-Fritz" represents an unusual density of historic residential buildings from the 16th to 18th centuries in the old town of Braubach, even for the Middle Rhine Valley. After the great conflagration of 1878, this property was the only one to be spared from the flames.

Fachwerkhaus "Eckfritz"

From01.01.2023 until the 31.12.2032

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56338 Braubach Obermarktstr. 11
Gasthaus Eckfritz
Obermarktstr. 11
56338 Braubach

Phone: (0049)2627 677

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