Blumenhof und Basilika | © Koblenz-Touristik GmbH / Dominik Ketz

Blumenhof Koblenz

Blumenhof, 56068 Koblenz

The garden space of the flower courtyard adjoining the basilica is characterised by its enclosure and design as a space of tranquillity and seclusion. The flower courtyard is divided into the meditative paradise garden, the colourful flower garden and the artistic sculpture courtyard.

The Blumenhof is located not far from the culturally rich town at the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle rivers and spreads out around the Basilica of St. Kastor. The grounds are divided into three areas that were redesigned for the BUGA 2011. The courtyard of the Deutschherrenhaus/ Ludwig Museum with the former chapel, the "Sculpture Garden", is the place where art and sculptures are presented in the context of the museum. The "Blossom Garden" between the Ludwig Museum and St. Kastor expresses joie de vivre with its two water fountain fields and colourful planting areas. The southern courtyard of the Kastor Church, as the quietest place in the Blumenhof ensemble, picks up on the theme of "hortus conclusus" (Latin for closed garden). Symbolic of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the "Garden of Paradise" was designed as a quiet place enclosed by hedges with selected plants from the symbolism of Mary around a water basin that symbolises purity.

Blumenhof und Basilika | © Koblenz-Touristik GmbH / Dominik Ketz
Blumenhof und Ludwigmuseum | © Koblenz-Touristik GmbH / Dominik Ketz
Blumenhof mit Basilika | © Koblenz-Touristik Gmbh / Johannes Bruchhof

Blumenhof Koblenz

From16.10.2020 until the 31.12.2029

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56068 Koblenz Blumenhof
56068 Koblenz

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