Weinstube "Zum Toni" | © Weinstube "Zum Toni"

Weinstube "Zum Toni"

Am Kapellenberg 10, 55430 Oberwesel-Engehöll

Weinstube "Zum Toni"

Wine bar "Zum Toni"

In May 2011 we opened our small wine bar "Zum Toni" with a total of 25 seats. We serve home-made dishes prepared with love to accompany our own wines. Our small wine bar "Zum Toni" is well worth a visit.

Our wine bar is open every weekend except in August. For groups, please book in advance by telephone on 06744-8667.

We are a small winery with approx. 1 hectare of vineyards, mainly in the Riesling and Pinot Noir grape varieties. We have always grown grapes as a sideline until Toni Theis became a pensioner and ran the vineyards as a hobby. Our grapes are all harvested by hand and lovingly processed in our own wine cellar. In addition to the Middle Rhine classic Riesling as a full-bodied, rich dry wine or fresh and lively in our feinherb version, we also cultivate Müller-Thurgau vines as a feinherb version and as a Spätlese. A special highlight is our Riesling Auslese, the crowning glory of an exceptional vintage with 110 gr. Öchsle per litre.

All wines from the 2011 vintage onwards have a personalised QR code. If this image is photographed with a modern mobile phone, you will receive many details about the respective wine. A great idea for anyone who wants to find out more about our wine, its location and technical data. Just give it a try.

Weinstube "Zum Toni" | © Weinstube "Zum Toni"
Weinstube "Zum Toni" innen | © Weinstube "Zum Toni"

Weinstube "Zum Toni"

From11.04.2024 until the 31.10.2024

Opening hours:
Saturday: 15:00Clock to 00:00Clock
Sunday: 15:00Clock to 00:00Clock

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55430 Oberwesel-Engehöll Am Kapellenberg 10
Weinstube "Zum Toni"
Am Kapellenberg 10
55430 Oberwesel-Engehöll

Phone: (0049)6744-8667
E-mail: info@toniwein.de
Web: https://www.toniwein.de

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