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Weingut Klemens Persch

Rieslingstr. 34, 55430 Oberwesel-Engehöll

Weingut Klemens Persch

For more than 200 years, the family Persch has been dedicated to viticulture.

In 1980, we, Klemens and Bernhilde Persch, took over the winery and cultivate now 0.75 ha of vineyards.

Our grapes ripen on the steep slopes of Engehöller Bernstein and in St. Martinsberg in Oberwesel. The vineyards are planted to two thirds with Riesling. In addition, there are Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc.

The grape must is developed in the cellar to fruity white wines and velvety-soft red and rosé wines.

Everything is in our hands: from cutting the vines to marketing. The whole family helps when it comes to reading the grapes, bottling the wine and selling the wine at the wine market.

We are happy to welcome you in our small family winery.

Klemens and Bernhilde Persch

Sale of bottled wine - Wine tasting

Weingut Klemens Persch

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55430 Oberwesel-Engehöll Rieslingstr. 34
Weingut Klemens Persch
Rieslingstr. 34
55430 Oberwesel-Engehöll

Phone: (0049) 6744-8865
E-mail: weingut.klemens.persch@t-online.de
Web: http://www.weingut-persch-klemens.de

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