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Weingut Hamm

Hauptstraße 60, 65375 Winkel

In the heart of the Rheingau our small family owned winery cultivates Rieslings and Pinot Noirs in dry, semi dry and sweet style - treasures of highest quality.

The young generation joines in and carries on the family passion and tradition in 4th generation. Our goal is the ethical and environmentally friendly use of natural resources for the benefit of our children and therefor for our all future. So ist a great heritage to cultivate over 30 years organic certified grapes and vineyards. Our grapes are fully ripe, mire intense of natural flavors - taste it yourself!

Weingut Hamm

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65375 Winkel Hauptstraße 60
Weingut Hamm
Hauptstraße 60
65375 Winkel

Phone: (0049) 6723 2432
E-mail: bio@hamm-wine.de
Web: http://www.hamm-wine.de

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