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Weingut & Gutsausschank Goldatzel

Hansenbergallee 1A, 65366 Geisenheim-Johannisberg

Stilprägend für unsere Weine war natürlich mein Vater – auch wenn ich jetzt die Arbeit im Keller übernehme. Aber wir haben zum Glück auch eine gemeinsame Vorstellung – die gleiche Zielrichtung.

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Open all year round

Tue - Fri: 10 am - 1 pm & 3 pm - 6 pm

Sat | Sun 10 am - 12 pm & 2 pm - 6 pm T

asting and sale Day off:

Monday Closing days in January & February Sunday & Monday

Estate bar


Open from March 13 until November 10, 2024

Wed - Fri: 3 - 11 pm

Sat, Sun, public holidays 2 - 11 pm

Days off: Mon & Tue


How it all began - and "small" became "big" Our family was already growing grapes in the 16th century - back then under the name Claudy. Later, through marriage, it became the Klein family and finally the Groß family in 1948 - and that is still our name today: Gerd Groß, who, together with his father, converted the farm into a pure wine estate and laid the foundations for our current estate bar, and his wife Andrea, who primarily looks after the customers and guests. And finally there is son Johannes. He is currently taking over more and more of the reins in the cellar and vineyard and is pursuing the traditional craft of winemaking in our family with the same enthusiasm as his father.

Weingut & Gutsausschank Goldatzel

From20.02.2024 until the 20.02.2030

Opening hours:
Tuesday: 10:00Clock to 13:00Clock
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65366 Geisenheim-Johannisberg Hansenbergallee 1A
Weingut Goldatzel
Hansenbergallee 1A
65366 Geisenheim-Johannisberg

Phone: (0049) 6722 50537
E-mail: wein@goldatzel.de
Web: http://www.goldatzel.de

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