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In 1870, Balthasar Ress founded the "Gasthof Ress" in Hattenheim in the Rheingau. In doing so, he laid the foundation for a long gastronomic tradition and for the 5th generation of the family-run, organic VDP.winery Balthasar Ress. Balthasar Ress' vision is to create fine wines and fine moments in the most beautiful places in the world. The Rieslings and Pinot Noirs created by gentle winemaking and a lot of patience are not only the skill of the house, but also the flagship of the region. Highly classified top vineyards stretching from Hattenheim to Assmannshausen form the basis of these wines. The certification as an eco-winery is based on the sense of responsibility towards people and the environment. With its extraordinary offer, Ress's service is available to guests to create unforgettable moments. The Balthasar Ress Gutshaus, the wineBANK Rheingau or the Veritable Lounge are ideal for celebrations or conferences. The wine bars & vinotheques in Wiesbaden, Frankfurt and Hattenheim offer a place for convivial evenings. For longer stays, the hotel's accommodations are recommended. For example, discerning guests can find peace and quiet in the elegant "Suite" or the family-run "Guesthouse" located on the edge of the forest. They are all places of conviviality, hospitality and fine moments.

It all began in 1870. The courageous and capable young man Balthasar Ress, a trained butcher, wanted to be a host and founded the "Gasthof Ress" in Hattenheim in the Rheingau. In doing so, he laid the foundation not only for a long gastronomic tradition and hospitality, but also for the VDP winery Balthasar Ress, which today operates ecologically. The winery, which is still family-owned today, still acts according to Balthasar's original motivation to be a good host and to create fine wines and fine moments.

Under the maxim "Fein Sei Der Wein", the finest Rieslings and Pinot Noirs are created. As one of the few wineries in the region, Balthasar Ress has a particularly highly classified portfolio of Rheingau's top vineyards, which stretch across the entire region from Hattenheim to Assmannshausen. In order to be able to preserve the vineyards of the Ress family for future generations, the decision was made in 2016 to make the operational conversion to a certified organic winery. The gentler working methods not only have a positive effect on the soil and the environment, they are also better for the people working in the vineyards. The vineyards and the soil are the capital of every winegrower. They are the source of the grapes that are harvested year after year and, at best, accompanied on their journey in the cellar. Balthasar Ress gives its wines the time they need to develop into true wines of the house.

"Fein Sei Der Moment" is the second maxim of Balthasar Ress. To create these fine moments, the winery comes up with a wide variety of events that leave nothing to be desired. From individually guided wine tastings, to exploring the Rheingau vineyards and participating in the grapevine tenant harvest, to hosting conferences, birthday and wedding celebrations in the historic manor house. The wine bars & vinotheques in Wiesbaden and in the new old town in Frankfurt also offer space for convivial evenings. In the same way, the Vinothek in Hattenheim offers the possibility to be guided through the assortment by competent wine consultants.

Two types of accommodation are also available for longer stays. Visitors can book into the Balthasar Ress Suite in Hattenheim, the former residence of the bishop's home, or find peace and relaxation in the exclusive Balthasar Ress Guesthouse on the vineyard slope in Hallgarten.

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Weingut Balthasar Ress

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65347 Eltville-Hattenheim Rheinallee 50
Weingut Balthasar Ress
Rheinallee 50
65347 Eltville-Hattenheim

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