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Villa Didier (Maximilians Brauwiesen)

Didierstraße 25, 56112 Lahnstein

The Villa Didier!

In June 1890, the foundation stone was laid for the largest industrial plant in Niederlahnstein, the Stettiner Chamotte-Fabrik Actien-Gesellschaft, formerly Didier. The factory was looking for another industrial site in western Germany in addition to the plants in Szczecin and Gliwice, so the factory was built between the railroad and the Rhine on an area 200 meters long and 33 meters wide. In addition to the factory building, a three-story management building, a two-and-a-half-story residential building for the officials and two workers' residences were planned. After extensive conversion and extension work on the 19th-century fireclay castle, which is located directly on the Rhine, a gastronomic experience of the cozy kind opened here in 1995.

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Villa Didier (Maximilians Brauwiesen)

From07.11.2023 until the 07.11.2033

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56112 Lahnstein Didierstraße 25
Maximilians Brauwiesen
Didierstraße 25
56112 Lahnstein

Phone: (0049) 2621 926060

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