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Stadtbücherei Lahnstein

Kaiserplatz 1, 56112 Lahnstein

Stadtbücherei Lahnstein

With approximately 14,000 media units, the public library offers a broad and up-to-date collection covering all areas of life. Through the offer and the competent advice we help you to find the right thing for you - whether it is the latest crime novel of the bestseller list, literature on a lecture topic or information on tenancy law.

Stadtbücherei Lahnstein Kaiserplatz | © Stadt Lahnstein
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Stadtbücherei Lahnstein

From09.04.2022 until the 09.04.2025

Opening hours:
Monday: 14:00Clock to 18:00Clock
Tuesday: 10:00Clock to 12:00Clock
Tuesday: 14:00Clock to 18:00Clock
Thursday: 10:00Clock to 12:00Clock
Thursday: 14:00Clock to 18:00Clock
Friday: 14:00Clock to 18:00Clock

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56112 Lahnstein Kaiserplatz 1
Stadtbücherei Lahnstein
Kaiserplatz 1
56112 Lahnstein

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