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Rheinstraße, 56564 Neuwied

On the 500-metre long dyke wall in front of the town centre, the water level tower is a prominent landmark of the town of Neuwied.

With the construction of the flood protection dike in 1928-1931, the Rhine view of Neuwied underwent a thorough change. The dike protects the town centre and its surroundings from flooding. It is 600 metres long, the dyke wall with light and dark stripes from Schloßstraße to Friedrichstraße with its two large gate openings and the slender water level tower, which is adjoined by a wide boat staircase. While the water level tower itself is purely ornamental architecture and is considered an advertising landmark of Neuwied, below it, invisibly hidden in the masonry, is a water level system for the dyke, but not for shipping.

Pegelturm und Rheinbrücke | © Rämer
Pegelturm | © Rämer
Deich mit Krups, Pegelturm und Rheinbrücke | © rämer


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56564 Neuwied Rheinstraße
56564 Neuwied

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