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Lahnsteiner Kur- und Heilwald

Kirchstraße 1, 56112 Lahnstein

Lahnsteiner Kur- und Heilwald

Spa and healing forest Lahnstein In 2021, a 240 ha forest area in Lahnstein auf der Höhe was awarded the title "Kur- und Heilwald" by the state government.

Since then, parking spaces and stations have been built there and signposting has been installed during the course of the year.

By the end of 2023, the following areas will be equipped:

- Mindfulness path (psychosomatics)

- Fitness and fall prevention trail (orthopaedics/geriatrics)

- Breathing path (lungs)

- Cardiovascular path

Many stations have already been completed and you can already take advantage of the forest's many health-promoting effects.

Regular visits to the forest...

- increase general fitness

- strengthen the immune system

- have a positive effect on the heart and lungs

- activate the metabolism

- reduce stress

- lift the mood

- improve sleep

   ... and much more.

The starting point for fit visitors is the Spießborn car park.

From the car park on the L327, people with disabilities or beginners are also in the middle of the Heilwald in just a few steps.

Kur- und Heilwald Lahnstein 1 | © Stadt Lahnstein
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Lahnsteiner Kur- und Heilwald

From15.07.2022 until the 15.07.2033

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