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kath. Kirche St. Nikolaus

Im Acker 2, 55413 Oberheimbach

The Catholic Parish Church of St. Nicholas stands on the site of the former customs bastion.

The former monastery church is located at Langstraße 2 and was built by Capuchin monks at the end of the 17th century outside the town wall on the site of the former customs yard. This happened after the Catholics in Bacharach on the Rhine received religious freedom in 1685. In the Middle Ages, the site of the customs port was developed as a bastion. Ships sailed right up to the customs square to pay their Rhine duty. The monastery building was constructed between 1689 and 1705. The associated church of St. Nicholas consists of a simple hall building. The former monk's choir in the east is accentuated by a slated ridge turret. Like many of the monastery churches of the Franciscan order of Capuchins, the church has no representative steeple. In a niche of the eastern outer wall of today's parish church, there is a statue of St. Nicholas, the church patron and patron saint of the ship's people. In the course of secularisation, the monastery was abolished. From 1802 onwards, the church only had the function of a parish church. The former monastery buildings were thoroughly renovated in 1977 and converted in several construction phases into a parish flat and a parish home for the Catholic parish of St. Nicholas.

Nikolaus Kirche | © Sabine Pilger
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kath. Kirche St. Nikolaus

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55413 Oberheimbach Im Acker 2
Im Acker 2
55413 Oberheimbach

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