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Herrnhuter Viertel

Friedrichstraße, 56564 Neuwied

Moravian quarter

Moravians established in Neuwied since 1750. Associated church of 1784 in late Baroque style. Still serves as a meeting place for worship, therefore not open to visitors. Nursing home and kindergarten open to all denominational congregations. Quarter built to a specific architectural model in accordance with the needs of the early settlers of the 18th century parish and church.

Architecturally significant sight Herrnhuter Viertel The Herrnhuter Brüdergemeinde, to which Abraham and David Roentgen also belonged, settled in Neuwied in the middle of the 18th century. The quarter they inhabited at that time consisted of simple houses built in a uniform architectural style and is still preserved today. Another testimony to Herrnhut architecture is the Brethren Church with its simple prayer hall, which fits harmoniously into the row of houses. The building that today houses the technical school for the food trade also bears witness to this. In 1870 it was built for the Herrnhut Boys' Institute, which had been looking after pupils from Germany and abroad in its boarding school since 1756. In 1887, the first international football match on German soil took place here. Quote from the Neuwied newspaper of the time: "In carnival costumes, they competed for an inflatable ball". Through solid ventures in trade and commerce, the Moravian Brethren brought widespread renown to the town of Neuwied. To this day, it is a considerable and well-respected part of Neuwied's public life.

Herrnhuter Viertel | © Pressebüro der Stadt Neuwied
Herrnhuter Viertel 2 | © Pressebüro der Stadt Neuwied

Herrnhuter Viertel

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Herrnhuter Brüdergemeine
56564 Neuwied

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