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Dr.-Max-Otto-Bruker-Str. 3, 56112 Lahnstein

This beautifully designed garden is full of surprises. You just need to follow the circular path lined with flowering meadows.

Dr. - Max -Otto-Bruker - garden - belongs to the route of world heritage - places of special beauty. The upper part of the garden is bright and colorful with herbs, teas and homeopathic plants.

In the shady forest area there are wild ferns, native forest plants and a marsh bed. The Room of Silence, the Kneipp facility with large reclining stones and many resting zones invite you to take a creative break. The upper section of the garden is easily accessible up to the Room of Silence and the Kneipp facility, even for wheelchair users with accompaniment. The contribution is an exhibition and demonstration garden for contemporary, modern design possibilities of private gardens.

Supplemented by sculptural art the plant presents itself as a sensual, cultural experience. Thereby different topics are compactly addressed on a small area. "Man gets sick because he eats the wrong food. Man becomes ill because he lives wrongly." M. O. Bruker.

Millions of people know the dedicated physician and nutrition pioneer Dr. Max Otto Bruker (1909 - 2001), but above all his 30 or so books on the causes of illness are still read today. Health in body and soul - for Bruker, a gardening enthusiast, this included responsible interaction with nature and recognition of the laws of creation. M.O. Bruker: "The frequency of disease in the population is an indicator of how far people have moved away from the laws of creation, nature."

Bruker Garten | © GGB Lahnstein
Bruker Garten 2 | © Stadt Lahnstein


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