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Wilfried Radloff, 56349 Kaub

Museum for the preservation and processing of the history of roofing slate mining in Kaub and the surrounding area.

For centuries, Kaub was the centre of roofing slate mining on the Middle Rhine. Kaub slate was of exceptional quality. With the decline of the German slate industry, almost all signs of this profession disappeared in Kaub from the 1970s onwards. Since 2022, our small museum in Metzgergasse 13 in Kaub has been a reminder of the hard work of the miners in Kaub and the surrounding area (from Oberwesel via Kaub, Sauerthal, Weisel to Nauroth). The various uses of (roofing) slate are also on display. A library and an archive are attached to the museum. Translated with (free version)


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56349 Kaub Wilfried Radloff
Kuber Schiefer e.V.
Wilfried Radloff
56349 Kaub


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