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Burg Osterspai

Burg Osterspai, 56340 Osterspai

Former moated castle with chapel, wine press house and castle garden.

The former moated castle (1302) of the Counts of Sponheim was the seat of the nobility of the Lords of Liebenstein, who ruled Osterspai, which was under the sovereignty of the empire. After the death of the last Liebensteiner in 1637 it came to a dispute of the century between his heirs, the v.Carben and v.Steinkallenfels, with the new ruling dynasty of v.Waldenburg. Preserved is a tower with a half-timbered annex added in 1910, the Chapel of St. Jacob and a wine press of the former Eberbacher Hof. 1793 the Sponheim castle fief was given to the barons v. Preuschen. The castle is currently privately owned. The Chapel of St. Jacob with medieval paintings is still a place of worship; it can be used for civil and church weddings. The large wine press house and the spacious castle garden offer space for festivities and social and cultural events.

Burg Osterspai

From12.10.2023 until the 12.10.2030

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56340 Osterspai Burg Osterspai
Burg Osterspai
Burg Osterspai
56340 Osterspai

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