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06:30 - 16:30

Bäckerei Barth - Waldesch

Koblenzer Str. 1, 56323 Waldesch

We offer a wide range of organic bakery products.


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Organic - delicious - fresh!

Two reasons have led us to bake controlled organic breads and rolls. One is the progressive threat to the sustainability of our planet. Controlled organic farming means protecting increasingly threatened wildlife habitats and our increasingly endangered groundwater. The organic grain of our homeland is of excellent quality and contributes additionally to a good ecological balance without long and confusing transport routes. On the other hand, we want to bake good bread: from the best ingredients and of the highest quality. These high-quality agricultural products are processed in our bakery through traditional, time-intensive craftsmanship into the "food of life" bread and rolls. Without chemicals and with a lot of time we lead - by the way exactly like already hundred years ago - a traditional natural sourdough. In many hours of ripening it develops acetic acid, lactic acid bacteria and yeasts. This is what makes our bread so incomparably aromatic and digestible. Long and gentle baking in a stone oven produces the fine crumb and the hearty crust. Today we all know that a proper diet contributes to well-being and prevents the development of many diseases.
The production and consumption of wholemeal and organic products is not a fad, but a necessity - for us and our environment!

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Bäckerei Barth - Waldesch

From12.04.2022 until the 31.12.2024

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56323 Waldesch Koblenzer Str. 1
Bäckerei Barth - Waldesch
Koblenzer Str. 1
56323 Waldesch

Phone: +49 2628 987256

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